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I've Been Waiting Far Too Long;
For You To Be Mine

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Chapter 4

Stefan tilted his head and trailed open-mouthed kisses down Bri's throat, tracing his tongue lightly over his collarbone before seeking out an area he knew Bri had a soft-spot for. Brian moaned throatily as he felt Stefan's lips seal about his nipple, suckling gently, then nibbling at the tender pucker of flesh until he felt Bri squirm with delight, his arousal abundantly clear from their interlocked position.

He trailed his tongue slowly down the centre of Bri's chest, feeling his lover's hands gripping at his shoulders as he became aware of where he was heading. Sure enough, within a few more seconds Stef was unfastening Bri's trousers, lowering the zip and kneeling between his legs, grabbing his jeans at the waist and pulling them down and off. Immediately, Brian bent his legs at the knee, parting them further, and he gazed at Stef from beneath lowered lids, his breath coming harshly through anticipation.

The lips he loved were soon travelling along his inner thigh, starting near his knee, and taking their time travelling to the site of his arousal. Brian shivered, gripping the edge of the sofa in one black nail-varnished hand as he felt Stef's hot tongue trail from the base of his length, right up to the sensitive head. The lips parted, sealed about him, and he closed his eyes and moaned as Stef began sucking and licking in a beautiful rhythm.

Wanting to feel more of his body sunk into that expert and much-missed mouth, Brian slid his hand behind Stef's neck, tugging at him lightly and lifting his hips. Stefan gave into the movements, letting Bri press more of his hard length into his mouth, swivelling his head so his tongue could reach every available inch. As he began to slide his mouth back and forth, he heard Bri breathing more quickly, felt his body respond by writhing and arching up, and pulled back after a minute so he wouldn't send him over the edge.

Kneeling back, he reached down and unfastened his own trousers, parting the material to reveal his erection. He didn't have time to stand and remove the trousers before Bri suddenly scrambled up and straddled his legs, kissing him so passionately it left him feeling dizzy.

Tilting his head back, Stefan moaned as Bri's small hand latched about his length, rubbing him firmly and sending him into the sweet insanity that intense arousal could so often bring.

"Need lube..." he managed to gasp out between kisses and moans, and was somewhat surprised as Bri simply wrapped one hand about his neck as a safety line, and leaned over the edge of the sofa to reach into the pocket of his discarded jeans. He tugged out a small tube of lube and grinned at the bewildered Swede.

"That's how prepared I was to seduce you earlier, baby..." he told him with a wink, and Stef laughed.

"Want me that badly?" he asked as he pushed Bri back a small way, kneeling up and getting Bri to do the same. He received a nod in return, although Bri was too busy looking down at his lover's erection and imagining it elsewhere to look to his face. Stefan smiled at being so desired, turning Bri about so he was facing the back of the sofa. Standing up, he wriggled out of his trousers, then knelt behind Bri, unscrewing the top of the lube.

Brian grinned at the choice of position, resting his forearms on the back of the sofa and leaning against it. He spread his legs further and looked back at Stef briefly, before facing forward again, deciding it was better to simply feel. He closed his eyes and bit his lip as he felt the cold lube spread onto his tight entrance, the little muscle lightly pulsing with arousal, knowing what was to come and desperate to feel it. He heard the lube hit the floor as it was tossed aside, and gasped as he felt Stef's engorged member brush against the back of his thigh as he got into position.

Stefan took hold of Bri's hips, pressing the tip of his length to the slick ring of muscle, and then pressing forwards, penetrating him and sliding smoothly inside. Brian gasped raggedly, his hands gripping the sofa cushion, his head tilting back, lips parted, eyes closed.

Despite their obvious arousal, Stef started the thrusts slowly and gently, and it took only a few moments of the sensual rhythm before their bodies where moving in synchrony. Stef's hands caressed Bri's undulating body, his fingertips dancing along his spine, then sliding beneath him to trace patterns on his navel. The symphony of moans was sweeter than any music they could create, the drums the sound of their heartbeats, the riffs the musical way they moaned out each other's names when a sweet spot was stimulated.

Stefan knew Bri was aroused enough that he could probably make him reach climax without even touching his erection, and he angled his hips differently to try and brush against his prostate, making the thrusts deeper. Bri pressed back further, engulfing the entire of his length and whimpering desperately.

His body started as he felt Stef's hardness brush against his most sensitive area, and he pressed his hips down to increase the stimulation, his melody of moans becoming more high-pitched and frequent. They naturally began to move their bodies more quickly, becoming increasingly breathless, Bri's grip tightening on the back of the sofa as Stef's tightened on his hips, until both of their knuckles were white.

Stef was right, Bri needed him so badly, was so turned on by their being together again, that he started to reach climax with the thrusting alone; his muscles twitched and squeezed about Stef as his body started to tense up. The pleasure caused his brow to furrow, and he pressed against Stef, leaning his head back against his shoulder, sliding his hand behind Stef's neck and clinging to him tightly as his moans reached a crescendo. He collapsed into orgasm, crying out his lover's name, his eyes tearing up from the intense sensations.

He slumped forward against the sofa, continuing to move his hips despite his sudden lack of energy, turning his head to watch the various shades of pleasure pass over Stef's face. His muscles were still squeezing rhythmically in aftershocks, and that in tandem with the thrusts soon pushed Stef over the edge as well. He plunged deeply inside Bri and groaned as he came, making Bri feel utterly complete in the process.

They remained as they were for a few sweet minutes, catching their breath, then Stef slid out and collapsed down against the sofa, taking hold of Bri's hand and tugging him insistently down on top of him. Their actions had spoken louder than any words could, so they lay there quietly, satiated smiles gracing their faces, arms wrapped about each other as if they felt lost otherwise; which could have truly been the case.

"Steve won't be pleased we shagged on his sofa," Brian murmured eventually with a characteristic dirty laugh, and Stefan smiled in amusement.

"Don't worry. I think he'll see the bigger picture and not really care about the specifics," he told him, looking down at Bri, who raised his head and replied with a chaste kiss.

"Think I can see the bigger picture now too," Brian whispered with an adorable smile.

"Yeah? What is it?" Stefan asked, kissing his forehead and petting lightly at the base of his back. Brian grinned.

"It's better than Van Gough. The main focus is a pair of indisputably sexy rockstars shagging each other senseless. Then in the background, a bad-tempered man is buying a new sofa." He winked.

Stefan laughed, giving him another kiss, this one deeper, their tongues entangling for a few delicious moments.

"You know," he said. "I don't think that's too far from the truth..."


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